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Even if it may seem like it to passers-by, nothing has changed, Watermelon Music has closed its doors for good. Ballard Avenue is closed to make way for artists to sell their wares, from jewelry to furniture. When they left Woodland, the space was reorganized and the focus shifted from sales to repairs, helped by a new owner, John Lardizabal, and his wife, Maria, who collapsed and took over. He called Woodlands a "repair town" and said those who visited watermelons requested his repair services and bought supplies from him.

Wallace had reached out to Watermelon Music after announcing he was leaving at the end of the month, stressing the company's professionalism.

Collazo began as a class teacher in 1987 and earned his bachelor's degree in music education from the University of Washington in 1990 before teaching full-time.

After directing his career to instrument repair, he received his diploma in this subject from Renton Technical School in Washington and later earned his master's degree in music education from the Roberto Venn School of Luthiery in Arizona. He sought a bilingual education program at a school in Southwest Washington and even conducted a few interviews in other districts. When he interviewed in Woodland, Collazo knew he had found the right place. One of the top-rated colleges, the University of Washington College of Music, is just 25 miles from Woodlands.

The nearby Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge is home to some of the finest wildlife found throughout Washington state, as seen in this photo posted on the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife website. Woodland also has a variety of restaurants where you can dine, such as Woodlands Market and Westside Market. If you want to enjoy a glass of wine from the mountains, there is so much to love about Woodman. There is one of the few sandy beaches outside Seattle, and you will find it at the end of a long winding road just a few miles from downtown Seattle.

Downtown Woodland has a vibrant bar and restaurant scene with plenty of live music every night and weekend, as well as a thriving craft beer and wine scene.

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In 2012, Woodland Public Schools introduced a bilingual program to reflect the growing diversity of our community. Although the 2018 program started with just two kindergarten classes, we must prepare for the next few years as students move from one class to the next. It is unusual to receive outside funding after the first year of a dual language program, but an OSPI grant provided $30,000 for the Woodlands program.

Franklin Collazo, who began his dual language program with his wife in San Jose, CA, is currently teaching 1st and 2nd grades in Woodland to prepare for second grade classes. Students of the Dual Language Program learn Spanish and spend the day learning English and the night learning Spanish.

The music and songs are used to teach students the language skills and history of Woodland history and culture in the United States.

Together with his wife Sandi Olsted, guitarist Rex Thomas brings this experience to this unique collection of flute and guitar duos. The saxophonist is a jazz lover, so I felt Olstead's familiarity with the jazz style and was inspired to make some flavors of gospel, jazz and classical. We wrote an arrangement of a very familiar hymn, in which Paul used emotional colours and harmonious ideas. It was written for the average church pianist, but we were inspired by the song of faith and did it in the taste of gospel jazz or classical style.

While Main Street Music Studios offer music lessons for all ages, Wallace plans to improve things to make more room for lectures for students. In particular, a warm place to play allows musicians who normally perform in front of the store to find a warmer place to play.

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Admire the Finishers Medal, listen to music in the park and enjoy the much-deserved beer and food at the Deschutes Brewery. Cross Columbia County Brewing to enjoy a beer made from barley and wheat from Washington.

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