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What began as a dream for many forest dwellers is now a step away from reality: more than 1,000 people from across the state and even New York gathered to unveil the first phase of a multi-million dollar park. The construction of the park is planned in three construction phases, the first of which officially began on Thursday with a groundbreaking ceremony.

Phase one of the construction will simply be to begin with the gradation of the multifunctional fields that can function as football, football, lacrosse and softball. Current plans include covered pavilions, running tracks and workout stations along the trails.

The Sunset 5K and 10K Awards will also be awarded and the awards for the individual age groups will be abolished. If you choose to compete in a different category, you are not entitled to a bonus, but if you finish, the bonus will still be there at the end of the race. The overall prize for men and women will also go to AquaBike, and we will also award the "Sunset" 5K and "10K prizes.

So if you decide to participate in a wave, please select a department to preserve the integrity of the results and the overall outcome of this event. Watch the home team play Woodland on a beautiful evening full of good food and lots of emotion. Eat, drink and share your racing stories while you wait for your results to be reviewed.

As many families travel with their children to sporting events, Finn hopes that the construction of a new sports complex could help attract this type of audience to the forest area. We need gas, we need food, and we all need a place to eat and stay, and that's the kind of need that it takes to feed a family for a weekend, "Mayor Finn said.

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If you're up for a more dynamic activity, make sure you visit one of her favorite parks, such as Oregon State Park or Puget Sound National Park.

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More About Woodland